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Dashing Dashiell!

by Leslie - April 10th, 2012.
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Meet our Toddler student of the week: Dash! In the classroom he can usually be found reading stories, playing trucks, and generally being a kind and polite friend to his peers.

No wonder he has such a love for books at school, his family has some pretty cool traditions that involve reading. They spend Saturday mornings at the library for story time. Then on Sunday mornings he and his family have breakfast at the Ugly Mug, followed by a trip to “the big bookstore” (aka Barnes & Noble). Beyond books, he and his family take an annual vacation to Traverse City together.

If you ask Dash, he’d say his favorite food is chocolate; but being the health conscience family that they are, he doesn’t get it very often! He also really enjoys scrambled eggs with cheese and lots of pepper.

Next time you’re in the Toddler Class, take a moment to ask him about his monster doll named Maple!

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