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Meet Zoe!

by Leslie - March 16th, 2012.
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As each of you know, creating a strong sense of community at TBDC is really important! Starting this week, we will feature a different student, from a different class, his/her interests, and more!

First up is the newest addition to the TBDC family, Zoe! Don’t let her small size fool you, a whole lot of cute and personality comes in this tiny package. Zoe is one of the most observant young women I have met. In particular, I think she really enjoys watching the big kids on the block—The Wobblers!

At home, she loves playing with the wooden toys on her bouncy chairs. Her favorite things to do with Mom and Dad? Read books, go for walks, and flashing that gorgeous smile of hers to anyone who will notice! BeyonSAY WHAT?! There’s a new dancer in town, and she’s learning her moves from her daddy.

Next time you have a few spare moments, pop into the Infant Class to say, “Hi!” and see if you can catch a glimpse of that adorable smile!

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