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It is our belief at Teddy Bear Day Care that all children are unique individuals.
We understand that each child has their own strengths and weaknesses
as well as their own rate of development. We believe that children
learn by seeing, imitating and experiencing a variety of activities.


Teddy Bear Day Care

Teddy Bear Day Care offers a large range of classes and programs for you and your child. Students can begin learning and developing at TBDC in the Infant Program. Once our students begin walking, they transition into our Wobbler Class, where they work on language and literacy development, social skills, and get exposure to mathematical and scientific experiences.

As students begin to display independence within the daily routines, they move into the Pre-Toddler Class, and then onto our Toddler Class, where each of the above skills are developed. Students continue on to our Preschool and Pre-K Programs, where these, and a whole new set of learning activities awaits them. We also offer Before and After School Program for our students who attend the Lincoln Consolidated Schools.


TBDC is open Monday through Friday, 6:15 AM until 6:15 PM, and closes only on major holidays.

We provide a morning and afternoon snack which is accompanied by either water or milk. The snack menu is shared on a monthly basis. If students arrive prior to 8 AM they may bring their breakfasts--TBDC will provide the milk. Families provide lunches for their own children.

A rest period is provided for everyone up to five years old. TBDC provides each child with their own cot & families bring in blankets/pillows/etc.

Formal assessments of our students take place twice per year (once in the fall & once in the spring). Once these assessments are complete, conferences between the families and the teachers are scheduled. However, conferences are available upon request at any time of the year. Families are given the opportunity to evaluate our program on an ongoing basis--comments and suggestions are always welcome throughout the year!

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