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It is our belief at Teddy Bear Day Care that all children are unique individuals.
We understand that each child has their own strengths and weaknesses
as well as their own rate of development. We believe that children
learn by seeing, imitating and experiencing a variety of activities.


Teddy Bear Day Care

Teddy Bear Day Care offers a large range of classes and programs for you and your child. Students can begin learning and developing at TBDC in the Infant Program. Once our students begin walking, they transition into our Wobbler Class, where they work on language and literacy development, social skills, and get exposure to mathematical and scientific experiences.

As students begin to display independence within the daily routines, they move into the Pre-Toddler Class, and then onto our Toddler Class, where each of the above skills are developed. Students continue on to our Preschool and Pre-K Programs, where these, and a whole new set of learning activities awaits them. We also offer Before and After School Program for our students who attend the Lincoln Consolidated Schools.

About Us

TBDC opened its doors in 1990 and has been providing quality care and education to the Ypsilanti community ever since. The owners, Kay and Roy,were both well into their careers—Kay had been a special education teacher in the public schools for seventeen years, and Roy an accountant for Ford World Headquarters—when they had a daughter of their own. Once it was time for them to return to work, they felt torn because they could not find a quality center where they felt comfortable leaving her while they pursued their professional endeavors.

They found something that would work, but in talking about their struggles for finding the right place for their daughter, they decided that their community needed a quality learning center for its youth. When the local church went up for sale they knew it would be the perfect location for their vision. In 2002 we had the honor of becoming accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The average TBDC teacher has taught here for a about six years, which is significantly higher than industry trends. We take great pride in both our education, as well as that of our students. Lead teachers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education or a related field, many have master’s degrees in the field.

Associate teachers are required to have a minimum of a Child Development Associates Credential; but most of them either have, or are working on, a bachelor’s degree. In addition, each teacher, no matter the position, is required to complete 24 hours of continuing education, per calendar year. Lastly, everyone in the building is certified in both CPR and first aid, bloodborne pathogens, and infant safe sleep.

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